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JANUARY 15, 1910. 

Dec. 1, 1909. 
To the Superintendents of the 
three Catholic Indian schools in 
South Dakota. 
Rev. and Dear Fathers. 

Philip Two Crows 
is one of my schoolboys. Last 
Sunday he wrote to your boys 
and told them what church-songs 
were known here. He asked your 
boys what church hymns they 
knew, stating that the boys here 
wanted to learn them. Philip 
wished their songs would be 
learned by your boys. Thus it 
would be possible to all the boys 
who come to the congress to sing 
together. Philip wrote that in 
the name of all the boys, because 
they elected him to write that 

My girls chose one among them 
to write your girls a similar 

Reverend Fathers, I gladly 
approve of the step my young 
folks have taken. My reasons 
are these: 

1. On account of that step it 
can be decided already this win- 

■ ter what songs will be sung next 
summer, and so there will be 
plenty time to practice them. 

2. No doubt, the young folks 
like to sing together at the con- 
gress. Therefore that step will 
encourage them to learn these 

3. That step will help them 
to learn the teaching of Christ 
still better, as every church-song 
contains a part of His doctrine. 
By learning church-hymns, a 
person learns catechism. 

4. That step will assist them 
to live up to their religion, as 
almost every church-song con- 
tains a prayer. Singing is pray- 

5. Singing cheers a person up. 
Church-hymns help us to think 
of what is good and noble. There- 
fore that step will prompt the 
youth to serve God cheerfully. 

6. That step will enable our 
young folks to do the same as 
their parents do; these have con- 
gregational singing at eyery 
general meeting, as there are 
some songs which they all know, 

although many of them never 
went to school. 

7. Our heavenly Father likes 

it much when a great many boys 

and girls unite their voices and 

sing such hymns as: 

1. Holy God, we praise Thy N. 

3. To Jesus' Heart all burning. 

3. Daily, daily sing to Mary. 

Therefore it is true to say, that 
step will enable our young folks 
to do something that will please 
God exceedingly. 

That's my seventh, last and 
most important reason. Rever- 
end Fathers, besides the church 
hymns we should have yet two 
other songs; one in honor of the 
Pope and the other of the Bishop. 
Shouldn't we? 

"Long live the Pope," words 
by Hugh T. Henry, music H. G. 
Gans, is a nice hymn and is easy 
to learn it. Fisherman Bros. 7, 
11 Bible House, New York, pub- 
lished it. Price of the vocal part 
per 100 copies 75cts, Will we 
take it? 

On page 151 the Catholic Youth's 
hymnbook has the song: "Wel- 
come to our pastor." 

If we choose that as second 
one, we leave out the word "pas- 
tor,"' and put the word "Bishop"' 

The verses of that song are 
very nice, but the music is hard, 
it goes way up to the high g. 

Reverend Fathers, I hope, you 
know of an other one which is 

May God grant you a joyful 
Xmas and also may he give you 
success during the whole New 

Very sincerely Yours. 
John Vogel. 

Nov. 28, 1909. 
To the boys of Father Martin, 
St, Francis Mission, Holy Rosa- 
ry Mission, Immaculate Concep- 
tion Mission and all the other In- 
dian schools of South Dakota. 

Dear Friends. 

To day the Catho- 
lic boys of the Cheyenne Agency 
Boarding School elected me to 
tell you what follows: 

We all wish every one of you 

a Merry Christmas and a Happy 
New Year. Our church is a half 
mile from our school; anyhow 
we go there every Sunday, and 
we know well the following 

1. Nearer my God to Thee. 

2. Holy God we praise Thy name. 

3. Accept Almighty Father. 

4. Come Holy Ghost, Creator bl. 

5. To Jesus Heart all burning. 

6. Jesus my Lord my God my all. 

7. Oh God I am not worthy. 

8. What happines can equal mine 

9. Daily, daily sing to Mary. 

10. Mother pray for me. 

11. Mother dearest, Mother 

Dear Friends, please write us 
and tell us, what church songs 
you know. If we don"t know 
some of them we want to learn 
them and if you don't know some 
of ours please practice them. 

Then next congress we all can 
sing together; that will surely 
please God. 
We all hope, that we can shake 
hands with many of you at our 
next omniciye tanka. 

Truly Yours, 
■ Philip Two Crows. 

My dear friends. I wish you 
the same as Philip did. Here at 
this school at the commencement 
exercises, that pupil who is the 
best in declamation, gets a gold- 
en medal. Last June Philip Two 
Crows got it. Sincerely Yours 
Rev. John Vogel. 

Cheyenne Agency, S. D. 
Nov. .29, 1909. 
To all the Indian girls of South 

Merry Christmas and 
happy New Year to you all. 

1. Holy God we praise Thy name 

2. Nearer my God to Thee. 

3. Come Holy Ghost, Creator bl. 

4. Oh Lord. I am not worthy. 

5. Jesus my Lord, my God my all 

6. To Jesus' Heart all burning. 

7. Mother dearest, Mother fairest 

8. Daily, daily sing to Mary. 

9. Mother dear, oh pray for me. 

10. What happiness can equal 

We all know these songs. We 
sing them the way they are 

in St. Basil's hymnal; only 
one excepted, namely: "What 
happiness can equal mine." Our 
air to that hymn is on page 42 
in the Catholic Youth. We also 
sing often the offertory hymn; 
"Accept Almighty Father," Ca- 
tholic Youth, page 14.1. 

Friends, should you not know 
one of those eleven hymns please 
learn it. No doubt you know 
some churh songs which we don't. 
Please tell us a few of those you 
like especially well; we want to 
learn them. 

We hope to meet many of you 
during our next congress and 
then we can sing together God's 
praises. Please answer us also 
in the Eyanpaha. 

Yesterday my companions 
elected me to write this letter. 
Yours truly 
Emma White-eagle. 

In the name of all the catholic 
school girls at the government 
Boarding School of this agency. 

My dear ones, I also wish you 
a merry Xmas and a happy New 
Year. Sincerely Yours 

Rev. John Vogel. 

Christ, Not Santa Claus. 

Christmas Is The Feast of the 

(Taken from the Catholic Tribune.) 

Few things reveal so striking- 
ly the utter thoughtlessness 
which obtains among many Ca- 
tholics regarding questions of im- " 
port, as their attitude toward the 
Santa Claus-fraud, perpetrated 
year after year at Christmas 
time. Many earnest Christian- 
minded Protestants have put us 
to shame by their vigorous con- 
demnation of the foolish custom 
which centers the Christmas fes- 
tivities around a plump, overfed 
grotesque Santa Claus in huge 
boots, feltcap and immense red 
ulster. It would seem that even 
in our days and in our houses 
' 'there is no room" for the Christ- 
Child, our God and our Re- 

It may be that Santa Claus is 
a corruption of St. Nicholas, the 
friend of children, If so, De- 
cember the 6th is his day; hav- 

JANUARY 15. 1910. 

ing received his due honors then, 
why should he encroach upon 
the hallowed domain of the Christ 
child? Santa Clans, as now con- 
ceived, does honor neither to St. 
Nicholas nor to Christ from 
whose honor and homage he de- 
tracts by thrusting his own gro- 
tesque self into prominence dur- 
ing the Christmas season. 

Someone may object saying 
that the Church always retained 
what was good and useful among 
the practices of different nations; 
yes, even heathen practices. 
Quite true! But she cannot and 
does not encourage this, Santa 
Claus cult, which threatens to- 
supplant in the hearts of the 
young all tr je conception of the 
Most Holy Feast of Christ's Na- 
tivity; to take away the sublime 
religious character of Christmas 
and degrade it to 'a day of buf- 
foonry and merry making. 

mere insinuation are often worse ST. FRANCIS MISSION, S. D. George Minard 
than a bare-faced lie. And so Nov. 22, 1909. Bear Shield 

it is that the grotesque figure of Mitakuyepi. ! Mrs James Stead 

Santa Claus, this foolish mutila- 1 Rosebud Reservation Thomas Cutchall 

tion of a Christian idea, slowly ; Sicangu oyanke etanhan taku to- Louisa " 
but surely weans the child from | na blaotanin wacin. Hekta July Peter Bordeaux 
the lively faith, the tender eager, 1908 Rosebud el catholic con- Annie '' 
love, it else should center upon | gress unyuhapi na he ehanl wo- John Dubray 
the dear Christchild. Gradually j yustan wanji lecel unkagapi. To- Mrs 
on® token after another of the \ na letan tokata St. Joseph iklu- Ned Duville 
Catholic Christmas disappears; jwica^api kin hena, Otoiyohi oma- ' Rosalie Hawkman 
the beautiful Christmas songs, | ka iyohi mazaska okise (50cents) Henry Horse-looking 

kajujupi ktana mazaska kin hena. George Good Shield 
un wicasawakan na wayazankapi Joseph Boucher 
na onsikapi nains wocekiye etki- Foster Thunderhawk 
like Santa Claus. Pictures and| yaU n wowikiyapi kta eya yu- Hellen Garreaux 
books designed and published | stanpi. Heon etan le oyanke el Mrs Geo. Knock-off-two 
for children are mere glorifica- | wanna tona "certificate'- icupi Louisa Flood 

and the crib are heard and seen 
no more, and nothing is left but 
the Christmas tree and the clown - 


tions of Santa Claus. Christ our na wokajuju econpikin henabla- 1 Oct 3. 1909. 

Infant Saviour is heard and seen ! otanin kta na hecel tona nahan- ' Henry Stranger Horse 
no more. And out of sight is rc i wokajuju ecanonpi sni kin Robert Stead" 
out of mind. I hena slolyakiyapi kta wacin. George Whirlwind Soldier 

But perhaps the child will hear j Sicangu oyanke el St. Joseph Charles Bordeaux 
enough of the Christchild at the n a St. Mary owancaya omniciye Agatha Bordeaux 
sermon in church. Even so! The wan unyuhapi na he wi yamni George Minard 
Christmas with the Christchild j Santa Glaus cult once established, iyohi wancala omniciye unyuha- Joseph Garneaux 

our Redeemer, with the sweet \ in the family, propagated and pi na he el St. Jos. ikluwicaka Hellen Garneaux 

humble poverty of the crib, the glorified in books, in pictures, in wicoran kin he pakiya iyankena 

fragrance and beauty of the the newspapers and shops, means be el lena oitancanpi. 

Christmas tree, is a feast day not a triumph over the true Catholic Louis Bordeaux itancan. 

onlyof Holy Church, but of every belief in Christ our Infant Re- George Gog°ie-eye okihe. 

loyal Christian family. It should deemer. Why connive with the Chas. Bordeaux treasurer. 

serve to rouse, vivify and forces of the enemy, at the sub- Daniel Eaglehawk secretary. 

strenghten in the family & espe- version and destruction of true Rosebud oyanke ataya lena 

cially in the young, and ardent Catholic belief, by substituting iyohi 50cts wokajuju econpi 

childlike love for and devotion Santa Claus for the sweet sim- j Jan. 1 1909. 

to the Redeemer of the world, plicity, love and tender influence ' Daniel Eao-lehawk 

Old and young, rich and poor, of the Infant Jesus? Mary " " 

should rejoice in the realization ! How can we fight against the Louis Bordeaux 

that Christ has come as our Re- dangerous influence of the Santa Julia " 

deemer, has taken upon Himself Claus cult? Banish him first Frank Janises 

the helplessness, frailty and from your homes. Restore the Josephine : ' 

poverty of our human form, that Infant Jesus to His place of hon- f m , Brido-eman 

by humility and love he might or. Bring the crib; the old Christ- Willie " 

break the spell of darkness cast mas hymns; the common prayer, Eugene Little 

upon our race by Original Sin. in which parents and children Annie Little 

Satan has ever been and is the unite to praise and honor and Laban White 

archenemy of our race. Envy adore the true giver of all good Lucy !? 

and hate fill his heart on seeing gifts Christ, our Saviour and Bad Omaha 

the joy which is ours because of King. \ jy[ rs 3 a( j » 

Christ. So called men of learn- 1 Avoid purchasing any and all Louise Duville 

ing and science have sought, by Santa Claus goods in the stores Chas Bordeaux 

sham science, ridicule and shal- and shops. Let the merchants Agatha " 

low wit to subvert and destroy know that you discountenance Pete v londra 

the belief in Christ. Still in the the Santa Claus humbug, and he Mollie '" 

kingdom of lowly hearts, among will be careful to provide you Osmund Irontail 

the people, Christ reigns as the with old-fashioned Christian Mrs. " " 

Saviour, the sweet Christchild, toys, picture-books and trinkets. Timothy Kills Sharp 

the help, consolation and joy of j Honor to whom honor is due. Julia " " 

the poor and needy remains the Let not that hard word be heard Aoril 11 1909 

center of true Christmas joy. from you: "There is no room." . _ 

j T _. Alex JJesersa 

Blasphemy and pseudoscience Let Christ reign in your family t ,, 

has as yet not conquered the on Christmas day. Let Christ ' „ . .. 

i , . -, ^, Chas Roubideaux 

loyalty of the humble hearts of . rei ^ n m ^ our hearts and the. 
the masses of the people. Hence ! hearts of your children, and as Ma ^ ie 

He is the Prince of Peace such as Louis Minard 
new tactics are brougt into play. ±u~ _ u - • . ln k, ,, 

the world cannot give, will come Mary " 

Santa Claus is just the thing 

needed. A slight innuendo, a yours. 

to you and abide with you and Jos. Garreaux Jr. 


Total , $29-00 

Ho mitakuyepi, lena he wanna 
wokajuju ekiknakapi uniyuskin- 
yan blaotanin na hunr yakajuju- 
pi sni wicasa nains winyan koya 
tka hena ecani yakajujupl kta 
iyececa. Nakun wanjikji kaju- 
jupi naceca tka wicacaje kin ee 
maqupi sni, hena tokata omaka 
blaotanin kta; na ake tona oma- 
ka 1910 el kajujupi kta heci hena 
koya ake nayaronpi kte lo. 

Heon wanna tona St. Joseph 
na St. Mary henicapi na wowi- 
cala cante mahel luhapi kin na- 
kun akantanhan kpazo po. 

Hehanl Rosebud el 'certificate' 
icupi kin wanna yamni untapelo. 
Henry Elk Spirhvface, Joseph 
Red Tomahawk na Nancy Little, 
Jacob Fighting Bear tawicu. 

Heon iyotan rci tona certificate 
iyacupi kin hena waktayahan 
unpo, na tapi eya caje owicabla- 
ke kin hena un wocekiye ewica- 
kiciyapo, nagi tawapi kin un. 

Thank you very much for all 

those who paid their annual 

fees. Hoping God will bless you 

all for doing such a good Work. 


Daniel Eagle Hawk, Sec. 

Christmas econhan wawicaqu- 
pi, qa wayuhapi. Ija nakun iye- 
hanwaawicakiciktonjapi iyececa. 

Oranpiya wawicaqu wo, he ta- 
ku kae wicayaqu kta esta, taku 
waste, qais wowindagyepica wi- 
cayaqu kta hecinhan, he wowa- 
stedake qa kodakiciyapi kin iya-